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Baby Brave strives to celebrate & encourage families, through providing quality handmade baby products that's made with sincere love and care. We make all your essential baby needs from burp cloths, natural bum cream, swaddles, rompers, starfish Blankets and much much more! We are intentional about keeping our quality high and our prices affordable so that our Mama's can enjoy something truly unique and special. 

Hallo, we are the four Adendorffs,

Jacques, Jonique and our sweet boys, Zayden Koa & Levi Novah. We love to do things together in creative ways and make unique hand made baby products, together with my mom, Monica. We are full-time vulenteers in missions, located in the gorgeous garden route, Mosselbay.

Our hearts are to celebrate and encourage parents and their BRAVE babies as they journey through parenthood! Life is worth celebrating as we encourage our little ones to be unique & BRAVE

Jonique started Baby Brave as a way to help her through postpartum depression and as a fundraising initiative towards their work in missions. Each product that we sell, serves a greater purpose and we absolutely love that you get to be a part of our journey in this way.

We have put so much love and care in our beautiful hand made baby products. We hope you can feel it when you receive your packages. Spending time to create Baby Brave items has brought our family so much joy and we can only hope that it will do the same for you and your beautiful family! Lastly, as mentioned previously, the funds that we raise through Baby Brave will go towards our work in serving communities, locally and globally

We appreciate your love and support as we grow something incredible called, BABY BRAVE

Lots of love, The four Adendorffs

Baby Brave
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