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Found out of love between two sisters, Bies made its existence.

The word “Bies” has such a deep meaning in so many different ways.

It means life, love, and live.

As breastfeeding moms, we hold the word “Bies” so close to our hearts. With lots of tears and excitement, we hope that Bies brings you that feeling of hope, even through the toughest times.

We love nature, as “Bies” is also part of it. Just to see how our little lams grow on “Bies” from their mamas, and always just go back for some more, made us want to bring you some neutral, warm colours with that warm feeling of “Bies”.

Welcome to the Bies family.

Bies Baby Boutique
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Welcome to The Mom Archive Bies Baby Boutique!

Anneen Henze

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