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&her Wellness developed from my practice as a physiotherapist working in woman’s health. I have seen there is a huge gap in information, services and products that empower and help woman through challenging health and wellness issues. Through my knowledge and experience as a women’s health physiotherapist I have put together a range that focuses on addressing these problems. This will help women to feel more comfortable, healed and ultimately really connect to the specific roles they are in at that time.

&her Wellness is a platform that offers products to suite the specific needs that woman go through at certain stages of their lifespan. As a new range we are currently focused on pregnant and postpartum care.

Postpartum Care:

  • vaginal/perineal care - &her Perineal care pack (peri bottle, perineal care trio, perineal ice packs)
  • c section care - &her Scar Pack (scar science, micropore, 3 highwaist panties, silicone strips)

Pregnancy care focuses on mommy wellness and comfort:

  • &her Soothing Soak – gentle Epsom salt, lavender, chamomile & grapeseed oil soak. Ideal to ease pregnancy aches and pains plus nurture tension on the skin.
&Her Women's Wellness
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