Janas Ladies and Babies Boutique

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Retail Store: Shop 18, 1230 De Villebois Mareuil Drive, Moreleta Park, Pretoria

JanaS is a mom owned and operated business with a focus on environmentally sustainable products, and eliminate harmful chemicals from our daily lives.

All the products that JanaS stock gets tested and approved by ourselves or our own babies. All the products has to be reusable and promote natural way of doing thing.

We started with our core product – our cloth nappies, and then went on to add products that will support your cloth nappy journey. As our own home became chemical free we added the products that we felt where the best for us and the environment to our store. JanaS is situated in Pretoria, so you are welcome to come browse our stockroom, or shop online.

All our products are sourced with the following two principles in mind:

  1. Are the products harmful chemical free?
  2. Is the product contributing to being more environmentally sustainable in some way.

Our goal would be to help every household we touch to use products that are as close to the natural shape, form or size as possible, minus any chemicals.

Janas Ladies and Babies Boutique
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