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At Little Miss Paisley we create bespoke Babynests to suit your needs as a new parent, as well as add charm to your nursery. We stock a range of slow-made handcrafted Babynests in unique and one-of-a-kind fabrics and trims. We take pride in our workmanship and love creating each and every item, one stitch at a time. There is a design for every style of nursery, and if there isn’t one for you - we can custom make one to suit your specific styling needs.

The Scandinavians have been using Babynests for their babies to sleep in for decades, and it is becoming more popular all over the world. A babynest is a breathable pod-bed that resembles the womb, by creating a cosy, snug and safe environment for your little one to lounge and sleep in. Investing in a Babynest means it will make life for a new parent so much easier, by helping your baby sleep better. Use it in baby’s cot to help baby feel safe & secure in the vast empty space or use it in your bed for safer co-sleeping.

We believe every new parent deserves good sleep, and hope to provide this by offering a product that will help your baby sleep better. Our Babynests are designed with a growing baby in mind, and gives you peace of mind from birth right up to approximately 12 months old. Featuring an adjustable drawstring that helps you set the desired size and snugness for your growing baby. The bottom of the Babynest opens up as baby grows taller, and allows baby’s legs to extend, whilst still keeping baby snug & secure. The entire Babynest goes in the washing machine, making it completely hygienically clean once washed.

Some parents love our Babynests so much, they want to carry on with the sleeping pod after baby’s first birthday, so we also offer Toddler Nests on a made-to-order basis from the variety of unique fabric selection in our Fabric Catalogue. The Toddler Nest is identical to the Babynest, but offers a much larger design. These are great for helping your toddler transition into their big-kid-bed, as well as lounging around the house while reading a book, playing or napping.

We also make beautiful Feeding Pillows - designed by a mom - for moms! We have Pillows that match our Babynests and we have a variety of fabrics to choose your own custom design. A great designed feeding pillow isn’t just for feeding, it will give you so much use for various different tasks while baby grows bigger. We have perfected our own design which is 100% mommy-approved! Offering you a unique fabric combo, bespoke and quality product that has been hand made from scratch – even our inners are made by us! The zipper is inserted in the side seam, making our Feeding Pillows completely reversible and easy to remove for washing.

Little Miss Paisley
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