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Mauss is a creative studio specialising in bespoke nursery décor based in Pretoria, South Africa. It was founded in 2017 by Jeanine Bergh when she created her first mobile as a baby shower gift for her niece. From there it slowly gained momentum and without realising it Mauss was born.

Growing up, Jeanine was taught by her incredibly talented mother the Art of Making and how to visualise your imagination. Using this in combination with her background of Architecture and Art Direction she forged her own unique design style.

All Mauss mobiles and décor are lovingly imagined and hand crafted using high quality wool felt, Irish linen, beadwork and embroidery. We enjoy working closely with our clients to create something entirely unique and personal with special meaning and sentiment. Each piece starts with a consultation regarding colour palette and theme from where a design is sketched and then created.

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