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Pokkelokkie is a woman owned business situated along the garden route in SA. We make reusable nappies that  work. They are reliable, trim, stretchy, beautiful, thirsty and easy. Each nappy is made from scratch with mostly local fabrics. We are proud of our quality and strive to deliver on the best.

We spent six years operating from a home however we outgrew this space and then finally moved to a factory in May 2022. 

We offer full support from helping new parents with what to get aswell as support when baby arrives to make sure you get the most use out of your beautiful reusables.

Opting for cloth nappies is one of the best decisions parents can make for their children and the environment.  Not only do you save thousands of rands, you will also divert over 5000 single use plastics from a landfill.

Join our tribe. We will help you. 

Pokkelokkie Cloth
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