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Ubuntu Baba is a baby carrier company on a mission to help new parents step out into the world again with confidence, freedom, and style. Founded in 2015, we manufacture, sell and ship organic hemp baby carriers worldwide via our online shop and selected retailers. Our products are 100% South African manufactured from our Cape Town factory, and come with a lifetime guarantee on stitching and workmanship.

Ubuntu Baba organic hemp baby carriers are light, breathable, easy to use and can quickly adjust to fit all shapes and sizes. Our waistbands are supportive yet very gentle on C-section healing. Our baby carriers come in two stages - Stage 1 and Stage 2 - because our baby carriers are specifically designed to complement the physical and emotional stages of your baby’s development.

A newborn baby is very different to a toddler – they sleep differently, cuddle differently and experience the world differently, so it makes sense that they should be carried differently. A newborn baby requires more support to maintain an ergonomic position of the hips and spine, and when carrying a toddler, your body needs a little extra support to carry their extra weight.

Ubuntu Baba
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