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Ummi Creative is run by a Cape Town Mom, who has turned her passion into a business. Having done a course in Leather craft and handbag design, coupled with the desire to create durable, classy, modern-day nappy bags – Ummi Creative was born.

The true motivation to succeed and undeniable inspiration behind the timeless pieces are her 2 babies, born in 2019 and 2021.

As a mom, always having to be organised, and wanting to look classy and well put together, a range of bags and accessories was created, tried and tested. The classic “Ummi Essential" and “Ummi Everything” came to life and brings it all together - helping women keep calm through organisation and looking stunning as well!
"Ummi" - which means Mother in Arabic, is fitting for the brand name, as the business, passions, dreams and motherhood all came together around the same time. Not one could have happened without the other, and so the timing, and the chosen name was perfect.

Our focus is on offering a durable products that are not only functional, but also chic and luxurious – complementing and catering to the needs of the modern day Mom / Woman, in the various aspects and stages of her life. Our nappy bags can be used as normal handbags or travel bags, and will remain an important and useful part of a Mom’s life, long after her baby has grown.

We hope to add quality and love to your everyday life with a touch of comfort, and class.

Lots of love, 


Ummi Creative
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